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High end quality without the big price tag... 
...that's the Shinobi Way!

Screen Printing done right

Hand Produced

Everything we produce in house is done by hand, we made this choice to ensure that our quality control is always at it's best.

Colour Matching

With over a decade of experience at matching colours, we can make sure that your print will look exactly the way you want it to.

Bespoke Orders

Every order we process is completely bespoke and adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Artwork Consultation

Using our years of knowledge we can help to optimise the full potential of your designs and reduce your costs before the production even takes place.

Who we are

Shinobi Screen Print is run by Duncan Stacy-Marks, who has over a decade of experience in the industry and has even taught print & textiles at university.

We pride ourselve on our attention to detail and high level of quality; using some of the most current and up to date ink systems available, alongside traditional 'tried and tested' techniques to achieve the best print possible. Every print we produce is a work of art.

We makes sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible; using trusted waste management companies to properly process and dispose of any waste we produce.

Our Services

Garment Printing

Whether it's t-shirts, trousers or sports wear, we have the right inks and set up to print onto a wide range of garments. We also offer after-print finishing to make your printed product even more unique.

Screen Printed & Vinyl Transfers

Transfers are an ideal method of print for those looking to do one-off orders or for helping to minimise wasted stock for those running custom mail-order design companies.

Giclée & Photographic Art Prints

We can produce top of range digital prints, to a fine art standard on a range of different papers.

Screen Printed Paper Art Editions

Creating beautiful screened printed art editions to display in galleries, to be sold online or to be put on your wall at home.

High End Stationary/Invitations

When you want to give your event that extra touch of class or if you want to impress clients, we can help with our high end invites, flyers, mail-outs and business cards.

Sign & Vinyl Cutting

Whether it's for a shop display or to brand your vehicle, we have the equipment to help get your business seen.

Acetate Output

We can output oversized acetate, so if you need films printed for making your own screens at home or at your studio, we can help.

Super Bespoke Jobs

Do you have a project that no one else can help with, let us know as we love to make the impossible a reality.

Price Guide

All prices shown have VAT added already.


1 Colour Print 2 Colour Print 3 Colour Print
25 T-Shirts £164.45 £6.58 each £191.95 £7.68 each £219.95 £8.80 each
50 T-Shirts £256.20 £5.12 each £291.20 £5.82 each £326.20 £6.52 each
100 T-Shirts £408.60 £4.09 each £449.60 £4.50 each £486.60 £4.87 each
250 T-Shirts £911.60 £3.65 each £967.10 £3.87 each £1020.10 £4.08 each

Paper Prints

1 Colour Print 2 Colour Print 3 Colour Print
25 A2 Paper Edition £144.75 £5.79 each £251.25 £10.05 each £357.75 £14.31 each
50 A2 Paper Edition £219.50£4.39 each £378.50 £7.57 each £537.50 £10.75 each
100 A2 Paper Edition £345.00 £3.45 each £585.00 £5.85 each £825.00 £8.25 each
250 A2 Paper Edition £706.50 £2.83 each £1174.50 £4.59 each £1642.50 £6.57 each

Who has worked with us

Reach your goals with our great discounts


Whether is for your initial concept pieces or your FMP's, we can help you to create something extra special for all of your projects without breaking the bank with our set of student prices.

Small Business

Kitting out your staff in personalised uniforms can be expensive, which is why we offer discounted rates to start ups and small businesses looking for workwear and branding.

Switching Printers

Are you looking to switch printers but don't want to have to pay for a whole new lot of set up fees, we can offer free set up on your order so you don't have to worry about paying for extra set up costs again.


Are you hosting or planning an event, putting on a gig for charity, we offer discounted sponsorship rates to help reduce your overheads, while making sure that you and your team of volunteers are looking the part.

Shinobi's C.A.T

(Charity Art Thing)

Collaborating with artists to design awesome prints, with 100% of the profits going to charity.

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